4. Mark screen

4.1 Instructions on the screen

Mark screen displays the product information has been marked from the display and ranking search results.

1 Date marked. Marks are stored for each date.
2 Display the product information. Becomes selected (blue frame display) product information and tap. Information products selected state is a function of item '3' '5' '6' '7'. Open the purchase page when pressed long product information
3 Displays the purchase page. Open the purchase page of the shopping site.
4 Remove all the product information.
5 Delete the information for the selected product.
6 'More' and 'Less', the display of product information, switch back and forth. 'More' to view detailed information, such as product specifications. Products marked with the ranking display is not detailed information.
7 share information for the selected product.

4.2 Menu

1 Display the configuration screen.
2 Delete the search history.
3 Delete the thumbnail cache.
4 Show how to operate the application.
5 Display the version information for the application.