3. Ranking screen

3.1 Instructions on the screen

Ranking screen displays the popular shopping site Rank (Yahoo! Japan, Rakuten) of. Ranking, you can select the "female" "male" "whole".
Show popularity rankings for each category, you can do so from the category screen.

1 Select shopping site.
2 Select sex.
3 Display the product information. Becomes selected (blue frame display) product information and tap. Information products selected state is a function of item '5' '6'. Open the purchase page when pressed long product information
4 Make a selection mark. Goods that are marked, you can view the screen mark.
5 Displays the purchase page. Open the purchase page of the shopping site.
6 To share information for the selected product.

3.2 Menu

1 Display the configuration screen.
2 Delete the search history.
3 Delete the thumbnail cache.
4 Show how to operate the application.
5 Display the version information for the application.