1. Search screen

1.1 Instructions on the screen

1 Enter a keyword you want to search.
2 To perform the search.
3 To display the map screen.
4 To specify the size of the image you want to search.
[S]:Small image (about 40 000 pixels)
[M]:Medium (around 250,000 pixels)
[L]:Large Image (approximately 700,000 pixels)
[X]:Large Image (around 1.3 million pixels)
* This is not necessarily the size.
5 検索する画像の種類を指定します。
[Photo]:restricts results to photographic images.
[Face]:restricts results to images of faces.
[Clip]:restricts results to clipart images.
[Line]:restricts results to line drawing images.
* are also searched other than the specified image.
6 Displays the top 20 trends of keywords Google.

You can search by tapping the display list.
7 Displays the search history in the past 50.

You can search again by tapping the display list.
8 Is an area map. When you tap on a location, find the image related to that location.
9 Shows (where to find) the location where you tap.

1.2 Menu

1 To display the setting screen.
2 To delete the search history.
3 Displays the version information.

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